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Malaysia E-Invoicing - Part 3

Choosing Between Accounting Software API’s Integration or Manual Submission via myInvois Portal

As part of Malaysia’s effort to improve the efficiency of its tax administration management, the Government plans to implement e-Invoice in stages to support the growth of the digital economy. This is in line with the Twelfth Malaysia Plan, which focuses on strengthening infrastructure for digital services and digitizing tax administration.

Malaysia LHDN aims to enforce mandatory e-Invoicing adoption for 4,000 businesses by June 2024, concerning those with an annual turnover of RM 100 million! Furthermore, starting from January 2027, e-Invoicing will become compulsory for all businesses, regardless of their sales threshold. According to the guidelines provided by the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRB) in version 1.0 of the e-invoice guideline, businesses in Malaysia have two ways to upload and sync their invoices to the government platform:

Adoption of Accounting Software with compliance with IRB Malaysia

One of the ways to comply with the e-Invoicing mandate is by adopting accounting software that is designed to be compatible with the IRB Malaysia API’s (Application Programming Interface) guide. Specifically, businesses can opt for accounting software solutions such as SQL Accounting software, which is certified to meet the IRB’s requirements.

With this method, businesses can streamline the process of e-invoice submission. Once an invoice is issued through the SQL Accounting software, there will be a convenient and straightforward option available to users. By simply clicking a designated button, the invoice can be directly and automatically synced to the government’s e-Invoicing platform. This approach saves time and effort for businesses, ensuring efficient and real-time submission of invoices to the IRB.


Manual Submission to myInvois Portal for Batch Submission

For businesses that do not have or prefer not to use compatible accounting software, the IRB provides an alternative option for manual submission. This method  involves utilizing the myInvois portal, which is designated for e-invoice submission manually.

Businesses following this route would manually prepare their invoices in a format compliant with the IRB’s guidelines. Each of the invoicing are required to fill up manually for up to 53 fields. After preparing the invoices, they can be submitted to the myInvois portal for batch submission. The portal is for businesses to upload multiple invoices in one go.

Which Method Best Suits Your Needs?

It’s crucial for businesses to carefully assess their needs and capabilities before choosing either method of e-invoice submission. Those with appropriate accounting software, like SQL Accounting software, can leverage the integration with the government platform to the and ensure timely compliance with the e-Invoicing mandate. On the other hand, businesses without compatible software can opt for manual submission through the myInvois portal, ensuring they fulfill their obligation to submit e-invoices to the IRB in practical manner. However, it is important to aware if any manual mistakes, mean resulted a high-cost penalties.

For manual submission of e-invoices, there are up to 53 fields that need to be filled up. These fields are required by the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) to ensure that all e-invoices are properly validated. If any errors are detected during validation, the e-invoice will be rejected and an error message will be displayed. The supplier will then need to correct the errors and resubmit the e-invoice. 

Examples of e-Invoice Required Fields:

Examples of e-Invoice Required Fields.jpg

Check LHDN e-Invoice Guideline for all 53 required fields.

It is important to ensure that all e-invoices are correctly filled up with up to 53 required fields. This can be done by using accounting software that can automatically fill in the required information. This will help to prevent errors and ensure that the e-invoices are validated smoothly.

As the leading accounting software in Southeast Asia, SQL Accounting software stands as the top choice, fully aligned with SST and e-Invoicing regulations. To support Malaysia’s SME businesses, SQL is thrilled to offer a complimentary e-Invoicing module alongside every new acquisition of SQL Accounting software. This module comes at absolutely no cost until the year 2028. This exclusive offer is limited to the first 2000 customers. Reach out to us now to secure your spot for a FREE demo with SQL. Elevate your business efficiency and ensure seamless compliance with Malaysia’s e-Invoicing standards. Don’t miss this chance to propel your business to new heights!

SQL Accounting Software Favoured Features

SQL Account is an accounting software that is suitable for all businesses, from small businesses to large organizations. It is crucial to find a business solution that suits you. We cater for every industry. Small business, cloud accounting software, to on-premise accounting software, choose the best fit for your business. SQL Account is user friendly & can be integrated with no fuss.

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Access your account & manage your business anytime, anywhere.


Real-Time CTOS Company Overview Reports

Provide SQL Account users a financial standing overview of their customers and suppliers. Helping users make better business risk assessment.


Batch Emails Statements

Email statement to all your customer individually with password encryptions in one simple click.


Advance Security Locks

Allowed users access into the documents with restricted by advance level locks, such as hide salaries in cash book.


Special Industries Version

Accountant set, shipping and forwarding, property management, construction, distributor, motor vehicle system, photocopier meter.


Intelligence Reporting

Comprehensive reporting such as commission collection reports, tracks your top 3 profitable customers, annual comparison of profit & loss.

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