Comprehensive Point-of-Sale system that facilitates simpler and smoother outlet operations.


Flexible and customizable

Flexible and customizable order screen, suitable for touch and non-touch screen, for retail and F&B sectors, for left handed and right handed users.


Advanced promotion engine

Equipped with an advanced promotion engine with standard logics. Option for user configurable logic when our standard logics unable to meet the requirements.


Features designed for F&B sector


  • Table management

  • Kitchen slip printing

  • Flexible combos and modifiers


3A security system (authentication, authorization, accounting)

Hardware integrated authentication (eg. fingerprint, magnetic card), with configurable authorization for each functions, and audit report logging all activities in the system.



An web-based back office system with powerful live dashboard and reporting analysis.

Variety analysis tools

  • Dashboard, for instant information

  • Graphing, quick analysing at a glance

  • Pivot, custom analysis exportable to Excel




  • Listing with dynamic filtering and grouping

  • Analytical pivot report with dynamic filtering and dimension configuration


  • Fully compatible with mobile views

  • Fully responsive


Comprehensive security framework

All communication is protected in 2048-bit encryption using trusted SSL certificate with internal 3A security system.




ZEONIQ POS is an extensive window based POS system


  • Sales, discount, tax & charges calculation

  • Promotion

  • Kitchen slips

  • Kitchen message

  • Table management

  • Layout management

  • Hardware integration

    • Printer

    • Cash Drawer

    • MSR

    • Scanner

    • Line display

    • Finger print

  • Activity log and security control

  • Sales reporting

    • Z-Report

    • Category Sales Report

    • Item Sales Report

    • Bill Summary Report

    • Others

  • Training mode

    • Easier staff training without impact to the live data

    • Simulate new settings prior to live environment

  • Doripod integration

  • Chopink/Gaga integration




A web-based back office system fully compatible with mobile views.


  • Sales dashboard

    • Sales summary showing variety live figures, sales by category, discount & promotion, sales by product categories, sales payment, tax & charges and hourly sales charts.

    • Sales analysis presenting consolidated sales charts comparable by outlets, same period last week, last month or last year.

    • Top N sales items, outlets and sales person.

    • POS Analytics+

  • Product setup

    • Normal item, combo and add-ons

    • Price, standard cost and security control

    • Import, export & copy function

  • Menu setup

    • Drag-and-drop menu sequence arrangement

    • Auto populate menu by categorization with custom sorting

    • Import & copy function

  • Outlet Management

  • POS Terminal Management

    • Licenses status

    • Copy settings

  • Security

    • POS Terminal user & group access rights

    • RMS user & group access rights

    • Ownership policy

  • Master Setup

    • Selling price type, tax, currency, tender etc.

  • Promotion Management

    • Promotion template for easier configuration

  • Discount Management

    • Item discount by percentage or value and unit price

    • Bill discount by percentage or value and unit price

  • Inventory Control

    • Purchase Order

    • Goods Receive

    • Goods Receive Discrepancy

    • Stock Request

    • Inter-location Transfer (Out/Receive/Discrepancy/Confirmation)

    • Stock Adjustment

    • Re-post Negative Inventory

    • Stock Take

    • Purchase Return

    • Stock Conversion

    • Sales Order

    • Delivery Order

    • Invoice

  • Reporting

    • Listing with dynamic filtering and grouping

    • Analytical pivot report with dynamic filtering and dimension configuration

    • Sales:

      • Daily summary

      • Sales summary

      • Product sales

      • Tax & charges

      • Sales discount

      • Sales payment

      • Bill summary

      • Table turnover

      • Hourly sales

      • Sales person summary

      • POS audit log

      • Session Sales

      • Attendance

      • Sales details

      • Cancelled sales

      • POS application log

      • Commission

      • Voucher

      • Cash management

      • Tax & charges details

      • Sales discount details

      • Sales payment details

      • Customer credit summary

    • Inventory:

      • Stock summary

      • Closing stock

      • Stock movement

      • Purchase order summary

      • Purchase order details

      • Outstanding purchase order

      • Goods receive summary

      • Goods receive details

      • Goods receive discrepancy summary

      • Goods receive discrepancy details

      • Purchase return summary

      • Purchase return details

      • Stock aging

      • Stock adjustment summary

      • Stock adjustment details

      • Delivery order summary

      • Delivery order details

      • Delivery order discrepancy summary

      • Delivery order discrepancy details

      • Invoice summary

      • Invoice details

  • Integration

    • SQL Accounting integration

ZEONIQ Customer
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