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Cloud POS that Simplifies growth for your business

Xilnex is a Cloud POS System that is designed to fulfill point-of-sale(POS) requirements for any business. It provides information about your current sales at your finger-tips, no matter where you are.

Part of POS,

Part Command Centre;

but ALL for simplifying your business growth

Our software is optimised to cater and cover different business types that range from apparels, services to F&B. This user-friendly yet sophisticated POS system is able to comply with your business commands, no matter how complicated it may be.
It’s so easy, even the “IT-blind” can operate it!

5 C's to using xilnex

A tour for the BEST Retail Management System

1 Construct

Easy Install

Starting your business is easy with Xilnex. Simply subscribe to us by clicking on the option that best suits you. A download link will be made available for you to download. As soon as you download Xilnex, run the setup file. Once complete, click on the icon to run Xilnex.

Xilnex is compatible to any retail hardware. It is also important to note that Xilnex is a Windows-based software.

Add Item / Service

It doesn’t matter what business you are running. On the dashboard of your newly installed Xilnex, start adding the item/service offered. Click on Items on the dashboard and fill up your new product specification. Depending on your business, specify the manner of your trade on the Stock Type slot.

The mode of sale for each item/service can also be determined in this section.

Organise Inventory

For quick and fast item/service identification, colour tag to sort our different items/services. All classifications for different items/services can be keyed on Xilnex’s pre-columned form.

Other lists can also be created such as the vendors list; essential for direct communication when there is a specific item that needs restocking. View a summarised version of your information stored on the Cloud POS at the menu management. Information is synced by the minute.

Register Staff

Create accounts for your employers by using Xilnex’s user management system. Track employee attendance and sales of each of your worker with this automated and hassle-free system.

With staff registration, monitor progress of your staff and automate staff automation. It does not only limit staff registration to one outlet but all chain outlets as well.

2 Construct

Payment Your Way

Xilnex provides flexibility for your customers to make payment. Pick and choose your ideal payment receipt via magnetic stripe, EMV chip, credit card, debit card, EPS (Easy Payment System) and cash.
Other payment types such as cheques, vouchers and point redemptions can be modified on the software as well.
Manage all payments by clicking on the Sales icon located on the Xilnex dashboard

Smooth Operation

Business hiccups are settled using Xilnex. Sales return and exchange are settled with a few clicks on the Sales Return figure under the Sales tab. All that is needed is the invoice number from the particular sale. Xilnex will automatically revise stock and payments in the system.

Order goods, print reports and create quotes using one system that will be saved on the Cloud POS

Offline Mode

Even though the link to the Cloud POS may be cut during the absence of the Internet, there is nothing to worry because Xilnex can still function and save sales information. The information will be retained on a local cache. When the Internet is connected again, all information will be synced to the Cloud POS.

However, when you are offline, the ‘back-end’ information that is updated to the cloud will not be seen on the offline medium. All information can only be retrieved after the Internet is connected again and the sync is done.

Add Customers

Don’t lose touch with customers who patronise your store. Add client profiles into your customer database when they make a sale by clicking on the Client tab located on the dashboard. Fill in the necessary information instantly and it will be saved in Client List.

With this information, you are able to monitor customer behaviour which will enable you to create customer groups. This, in turn will ease future marketing and promotional efforts.

3 Control

Points Of Sale

At this point, your store is open for business and you are ready to receive customers. For most of the time, the Point of Sales page should be opened to make transactions. Scan the barcode for retail, make the sale and print the sale document. All sale information is recorded and released to the Cloud. The information can be viewed at real-time, anywhere, as long as there is a device that is connected to the internet to view the information on the Cloud.

The system works with F&B operators with several differences. Managing tables and taking orders to send to the kitchen is a breeze with all possible orders and demands on hand. It’s the easy and organised way to run an F&B outlet.

Stock Distribution

Control stock distribution without the need to view them at all. Use the essential Inventory tab on Xilnex to gain access to your stocks with several clicks. Paperwork when it comes to managing stocks has never been so easy and organised.

To purchase stocks, fill in your order on Purchase Order. Be sure to fill in the Goods Receive Note after the product has arrived. Transfer or distribute your items to whichever outlet or franchise to be sold/used by filling in the forms on the system. Outlets can also use Xilnex to request for stocks that are running low. With this Cloud POS, communication between outlets and franchises are eased.


There is no need to look through files of sales reports or do numerous stock takes. Paperwork that is paper-less is the modern way of working. On the Listing tab, all information that is keyed in will be automatically directed to be filed in the listings page. View compiled or individual sales invoices, orders, commissions and returns at real-time. View how your company is being managed by checking your service list, staff attendance, deliveries, stock balance and promotions held by your store.


Changing the cost of your products and services can also be performed on Xilnex. As long as the item/service is registered on the system, prices can be changed by going back to the item list. Key in the code, scan the barcode or use the alternate lookup to locate the item. Change the price by editing the price on the Pricing tab. During special occasions, invent a seasonal price set up by customising discounts located on the Marketing page.

4 Check

Sales & Invemtory

Check your sales anywhere and at any time as long as you are logged on to the Internet. Review sales on the Report Printing page. There, all information on the Denomination Report, End of Day Report, Stock Ledger Report, Sales Profit Report, Attendance Report, Hourly Sales Report, Top Sales Report and Item On-hand Quantity. If you need a hard copy, just hit print.

With all these information that you are able to check, it is easy to manage stocks kept in store and allows you to plan ahead for future promotions of customer top-buys or discontinuation of slow-moving items.


Never miss extending your customer service to all who step into your store. With a client list, be in the know of who your customers are by name or affiliation and their purchase history. Create a loyalty program to reward them and keep them coming back for more.

Be in control of the people who are in contact with your product/services. Customer information is quintessential for future marketing and promotional plans as they will be the first group of people to know about great deals held in store.

5 Circulate

SMS Marketing

The power of SMS Marketing is known to be an effective means of marketing. Xilnex provides this service for your convenience. To access to SMS Marketing, go to the Marketing page on Xilnex and the first option would be SMS Marketing.

Using your customer list, you can do an SMS blast to all your clients or hand-pick them according to their buying habits and personal information. Just type your text message on the space provided and send the mass SMS to your target audience. The texts also can be saved for future use.

Special Promotions

Use Xilnex as a tool to execute special promotions in-store. During festive seasons, you can reprice for certain items/services for a certain time. Use the Seasonal Price option on the Marketing page to add discounts or best-buy price tags. Just scan the barcode or type in the item code to locate the product before noting the promotion. You are also able to customise the outlets that will carry the promotion and the date and time the promotion is valid from.

Use the Redemption or Coupon & Voucher option to run your promotions as well. Add the different types of redemption and discount vouchers into the system and Xilnex will recognise it on the Cloud POS during transaction.


Spread your influence to the online world with Xilnex. We provide E-Commerce options that are integrated with the in-store or stock inventory. Easy conversion of the items you want to sell online is possible by embedding Shopify to Xilnex. Shopify is a trusted e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store. All sales in Shopify will be synced with Xilnex so you never miss a sale.

Xilnex POS integration with SQL Account


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