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Here are what some of our clients have to say about vimigo

After implementing vimigo, we are able to structure our business to be more transparent. The staff are clear on their objectives and goals which helps them focus on their work. This has greatly improved our firm’s productivity. Our management is now able to monitor underperforming staff, and provide personalised feedback to them individually. This has helped refine our staff training and help them improve themselves.

Koh Teck Peng, KTP - Founder & CEO

After using vimigo, both my employees and management are now aligned with our founder’s direction, moving towards a shared vision. Employees are now taking their own initiative to achieve more and complete tasks with less errors!

Karen Lau, Derex Engineering - Director

As most of my employees are foreign workers, their acceptance level is low. Despite that, I proceed in implementing. Since implementing, they become self-motivated. As a boss, I can see all their effort and reward them accordingly. So they will feel that they are properly compensated and recognized. At the end, even though everyone has different thinking and behavior, we still can work towards a common target and interest.

Lau Hock Chuan, Hokkian Mee - Director

By having vimigo, we can simplify the calculation of my employees’ sales commission. Previously, every month, they will receive a slip showing their salary and how many trips they have taken. But now, they will leverage on this software to clearly know how much they have earned. As such, they will fight hard for the sake of sales target to achieve their rightfully deserved rewards.

Koh Gold Chuan, QF Enterprise - Acc Ececutive

The most common issues are having incapable employees at high salary and I need to multitask as manager despite being the boss. After using vimigo, I have someone suitable to takeover as manager and staff performance has gone up. Moreover, my sales have soared and I am no longer needed to worry of employee’s sudden resignation. Currently they have the right direction to work hard and guide new employees.

Kevin, Hello Lubricants - Director

The main problems I have are talent retention and performance issues. Before this, my employee turnover rate is high. But now, after using vimigo, I have retained 80% of my employees. Moreover, it becomes a platform for employees to showcase themselves. As all the performances are visible in vimigo, I will give them opportunity to present themselves on how they can achieve good performance. For those thinking of quitting, I will give them new opportunity to try out other position to succeed.

Ng Kim Heng, Advisory Services - Director

In vimigo we trust

With scale and trust, you can accomplish a great deal

vimigo helps you do both brilliantly.

Running a growing business involves massive complexities with sales operations, marketing activities, human resources management and all sorts of skills. vimigo has turned this complexity into your competitive advantage by letting you manage them all in one place.

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