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SQL Payroll - Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2023.246.198


Released on August 16, 2023

Release Notes

  • Database upgrade to version 128

  • Add PR.SOCSO.Borang2.Report-Foreign format

  • Change Pipeline from Country to Nationality for PR.Tax.CP22-2021

  • Add Grand Total for PT.Claim.Report

  • Show Payment Type Description for Parameter PayType instead of number when selected 1 PayType for Payroll summary report

  • Add PR.Zakat-Sabah format

  • Update mapping City for PR.Tax.CP22-2021

  • #5916: Increase Passport, ImmigrationNo and PermitNo field length to 40 characters

  • #5904: Add "Send ELeave Email Notification" in Company Profile | E HRMS

  • Add EmailNotif_ELeave column to SY_PROFILE table

  • Fix unable to fill in missing clock in and revise time attendance date range filter

  • Redesign Work Schedule Summary and Rename to Print Work Schedule Summary

  • Display the day of the week in Maintain Calendar, Maintain Public Holiday and Maintain Traveller Location

  • Add label to show ETMS last update date

  • Add PIType and PICode support for TMS Leave Script

  • Rename Print Time Attendance Transaction Listing to Print Time Attendance Unassigned Listing

  • Disable inserting and deleting on sync Time Attendance grid

  • #5897 & #5925: Public Holiday setting removed after user edit employee details

  • #5912: Maintain Public Holiday Calendar - W change to C

  • Change action to "Cancelled" if deductible is 0

  • Add IsOT column to Leave tab in Sync Cloud and support IsOT in Leave Rules script

  • Add IsOT column to TA_TRANS table

  • Add schedule option in Maintain Calendar wizard for Rest Day

  • #5933: Hong Leong bank Connect First IRB file format Country Code column is empty and Staff No column contains non-alphanumeric characters

  • #5932: Leave Attendance report detail record decimal place not same as grand total

  • #5929: Add Nationality dataset to Payroll and Employee reports

  • #5906: Add time mask popupedit for time in minute entry

  • #5923: Maintain employee service year show in years and months

  • #5924: UOB EPF file format version 2.3

  • #5919: Some CP22A, CP22B and CP21 fields does not exclude tax exempted amount

  • #5819: Add Bank of China IGTB Payroll file format

  • Fix sync cloud WorkingHourPerDay value type from integer to TBcd for leaveday calculation

  • #5920: Add Attendance Reward column to employee browse window

  • #5915: Leave entitlement that is manually entered become 0 when recalculate

  • #5918: Allowance Reward script aTransDS dataset added TransDate, WorkUnit, TimeInMinute and Rate field

  • #5917: Delete tax benefit in maintain employee prompt out of bounds error

SQL Payroll 1.2023.243.197


Released on July 6, 2023

Release Notes

  • Database upgrade to version 127

  • Update mapping PostCode & State for PR.Tax.CP22-2021

  • Fixed TA.Attendance1 & TA.Attendance2 not Scale to A4 side

  • Lookup new entry form support access right approval

  • Revise sync manager data to include only active employees

  • #5903: Unable to capture Permit Expiry Date in report Employee Listing

  • #5901: Employee tax category in payroll summary report differs from employee master tax category

  • #5898: Revise existing LZS Zakat format to CSV format

  • #5885: Add Access Right for Time Attendance in Sync Cloud

  • Fix error prompt "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" when copy & paste time attendance location

  • Revise Show Map marker in Sync Cloud

  • #5893: Payroll accounting employee EPF, employee SOCSO, employer SOCSO, employee EIS, employer EIS and PCB support GL code by contribution

  • #5886: Add income tax CP22A file format

  • #5894: Access right "Print Payroll Summary - All" is not working

  • #5892: Incorrect description when preview Work Unit Summary report

  • Revise implementation of export PTPTN, CP8D, eData Praisi and Lampiran2

  • #5888: By default, Rest Day is checked in Leave Application

  • #5887: Alliance bank BizSmart Bulk Payment file format version 1.7

  • #5889: Incorrect Commission Summary report data form caption

  • #5880: Standard Chartered bank Bulk Payment format update

  • #5876: Generate new script for Leave Entitlement Policy, Leave Calculate BF and Leave Calculate Amount when pasting Leave Group from clipboard

  • #5884: The default HRDF rate for new company is 1%

  • #5883: Add "Age 60 and above" to EIS category on Maintain Employee window

  • #5870: Pending Overtime doesn't recalculate WorkUnit when Code is changed

SQL Payroll 1.2023.242.196


Released on June 9, 2023

Release Notes

  • Database upgrade to version 126

  • Add monthly tax deduction computerized calculation year 2023

  • Fix bug: Incorrect monthly tax deduction amount calculated using the Knowledge Worker computerized calculator

  • Add HomeScreen

  • #5874: Add Postcode, city and state fields in Maintain Employee | Personal

  • Update TP1 & TP3 2023 new format

  • Fixed PR.SOCSO.Borang8A.Report Export to pdf Logo Black

  • Set late in buffer and early out buffer to 0 when create new session

  • Add Work Session and Work OT report

  • Add OT Remark to Print Time Attendance Summary

  • Fixed Time Attendance Summary report not in order

  • Add new time attendance day type - Rest Day (Special Rate)

  • Add Time Off Leave Type

  • Add Script Name col in Sync Cloud OT and Leave tab

  • Add Script column to TA_Trans table

  • Add Batch Edit to Sync Cloud

  • Add Time Attendance Transaction Listing Report

  • Add Flexi Working Hour script

  • Allow to choose custom script in Maintain Work OT

  • 5875: Preview pending claim in pending payroll listing prompt conversion error

  • #5872: Automation process for current year leave entitlement is not applied to newly created employee

  • #5871: Delete employee prompt "Delete is not allowed" but no TMS trans posted to payroll

SQL Payroll 1.2023.241.195


Released on May 22, 2023

Release Notes

  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2021 Logo black when export to pdf

  • #5852: Preview payroll summary report doesn't follow grid column visibility

  • Bank Muamalat Payroll file format missing some bank codes

  • Database upgrade to version 125

  • Fixed black box when export to pdf for PR.Tax.CP22A-2021

  • Revise Show Map form in Sync Cloud

  • Add EarlyOutBuffer column to TA_SESSION and TA_CALENDAR table

  • Revise Show Log form in Sync Cloud

  • Fixed cannot run OT script for public holiday and rest day

  • Remove icon from menu for Work Schedule Summary

  • Add Post Date column to OT tab and Leave Tab in Sync Cloud

  • Add PostDate column to TA_TRANS table

  • Revise old Maintain Calendar to Maintain Public Holiday

  • Fix Work Unit Summary report return incomplete resultset

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