SQL Account - Releases

SQL Account 5.2020.880.786


Released on March 6, 2020

Release Notes

  • Upgrade Database to Version 176

  • Fixed Sales & Price History Group by DocNo, Tax & Tariff shown incorrect grouping information

  • #5486: Import Serial Number with Prompt Replace Unit Price Dialog prompt error control has no parent window

  • #5494: AR Payment edit and change "From Deposit" to another deposit not update the Deposit Amount in AR Deposit

  • #5492: GL Maintain Opening Balance 2nd Description is empty

  • #5489: Customer Refund slow after choose customer code if knockoff has over 1k records

  • Feature #5427: Maintain Item Template add Location & Project fields

  • #5475: GL Cash Book - Save Prompt Error if user empty the Amount Column

SQL Account 5.2020.879.785


Released on February 1, 2020

Release Notes

  • #5391: Sales Profit Estimator should convert to customer currency when click "Update Unit Price" button

  • #5467: SL Invoice unable to posting via BizObject If Exceed Credit Limit with overridden permission

  • #5048: Should not prompt dialog if user set Overdue or Credit Limit to 0 and the user allow to override

  • #5468: Add calculator editor numeric column in GL Cash Book and Journal Entry

  • Feature #5440: Document Transfer Dialog by default filter 7 Months from target document DocDate

  • Feature #5453: AR/AP Documents browse grid add 2nd company name column

  • Feature #5437: All GL Account Lookup add 2nd Description column

  • #5457: COM client cannot capture invalid logon credential

SQL Account 5.2019.878.784


Released on December 10, 2019

Release Notes

  • #5417: GL Profit Loss & Balance Sheet - Fixed Date params show as number

  • Stock Purchase Planning (Current & Next 3 months) report file has fixed Get SQty instead of Qty for PO and SO in each months.

  • Fixed Customer CN full page formate Company Header overlaping the Company Logo

  • Fixed Discount Amount not shown when using Disc Column for Sales Invoice 3 (Sales Disc)

  • Feature #5412: Stock Transfer Listing Report add "SubTotal (Tax)" column in detail grid

  • #5413: Stock Transfer Listing "Actual Amount" should sum up for IN qty amount only

  • #5419: GL Ledger untick "Include Zero B/F with Transactions Before" should determine by LocalBalance instead of Balance field as some account has Local value but foreign value is zero

  • #5418: Supplier Analysis by Document grouping 1 level but show level 2 report on screen

  • #5421: GST-SG the box 13 should refer to net sales because box 4 has including CN in F5 return

  • #5433: AR/AP Statement's Balance not sum correctly

  • Rename SST-02 file name

  • Add Sales Local - Sales Order Listing (Tax 1)-SO2PO Report

  • Add Sales Local - Cash Sales Listing - Z Report

  • Add Sales Local - Cash Sales Collection Report

  • Add Stock Purchase Planning (Current & Next 3 months) report

  • Feature #5410: SL/PH Invoice & Cash Sales add "Transfer To Credit Note" option

  • Feature #3660: Document Entries that has payment info and has been reconciled with bank upon user click edit/delete will prompt confirmation message

SQL Account 5.2019.877.783


Released on November 12, 2019

Release Notes

  • #5359: List index out of bound error when double click GL PnL or Balance Sheet Format

  • Add GL Bank Reconciliation Report - Clear Transaction Report

  • #5395: Enable sync via USB cable using Stock Take App

  • #5403: Customer Payment Deposit Drop down unable to show Description

  • #5394: Customer Statement Report same date if got two Payment Transactions (OR) should sort by docno instead of amount

  • #5381: GL Account delete Prepayment Account raise Access Violation error

SQL Account 5.2019.876.782


Released on October 21, 2019

Release Notes


  • Add Sales Points-Summary report

  • Fix Sales Points-Statement Error when no Balance c/f is zero

  • FR3 Report - Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Sales Quotation 8

  • Add Sales Points Listing Report

  • Fixed Sales Yearly Analysis Export pdf line become not straight

  • Feature #5352: Enlarge the Height for Group/Sort By

  • Sales Points should exclude Point where less then 0

  • Update Sales Points-Statement Footer Notes

  • Convert Stock Transfer Listing to FR3

  • #4919: Click "Read MyKad" button does nothing

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