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SQL Account - Releases

SQL Account 5.2023.967.837


Released on September 30, 2023

Release Notes

  • Add QR Payment for Sales Invoice 8 (SST 2)-Aging format

  • Fixed Cust Local - Payment Listing - Collection Report Amount not reset when record not found

  • Fixed Sales DN rtm format FromDocDate show 30/12/1899

  • Update Job Order 1 format Remove the Unit Cost, Overhead Cost and Subtotal, Group by detail location & Add batch and signatory ie. Prepared by, Processed by

  • Fixed GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 2 Total balance by group not correct

  • Fixed Sales Local Invoice & Cash Sales Collection Report Grand Total not correctly map

  • Update Sales Invoice 8 (SST 2)-Aging for Pay only shown outstanding amt instead of docamt

  • Add new Asset Analysis (12 Months) - Group By Level 2

  • Remove net book value column and replace with gain/loss from disposal of assets in Asset Analysis

  • Adding Shopee order's note to document's note

  • Show country for Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok shops

  • Support linking with Lazada cross border account

  • Support linking with Shopee main account

  • Support new TikTok payment file format

  • Include note property for sales order and quotation

  • Fix Lazada payment posted refund with wrong amount

  • Increase number of records fetched from 250 to 500 for Lazada transaction details

  • Remove duplication check for Lazada transaction details

  • Do not post sales credit note for order that posted with canceled sales invoices

  • Fix TikTok HTTP request retries bug

  • Fix post cancelled order using option "Post As Cancelled Sales Invoice" does not tick "Cancelled" in sales invoice

  • Allow user to ignore Lazada payment for unposted order

  • Allow user to ignore Shopee payment for unposted order

  • Fix Shopee incorrectly posted "Product discount rebate from Shopee" in sales credit note

  • Fix TikTok assigned document number even document failed to post

  • Retry HTTP request if error code 500 Internal Server Error received

  • Check cell value is not empty before assigning Shopee payment header index

  • Allow user to select specific account(s) before fetch products

  • Allow user to select specific account(s) before fetch orders

  • Auto Bank Recon - Revise Bank Islam current account cash line-i statement format

  • #6575: Auto Bank Recon - Maybank Bank Statement Bank Closing not match ending balance

  • #6647: Auto Bank Recon - Maybank invalid numeric input for bank statement that contain gst type column

  • #6574: Auto Bank Recon - CIMB Bank did not auto fill Bank Statement Bank Closing balance

  • #6685: Stock Assembly unable to save if users no right for Allow Non-existent/Duplicate Serial Number even the Serial Number is valid

  • #6694: Sales Profit Loss By Document & Sales S/N Profit Loss By Document tick Cash Sales by default

  • View | SL/PH Price History form should focus on first record by default if user last saved grid layout sort by date descending

  • #6692: Rich Text Editor unable to change font type, size or color when selection text have mix Font settings (if user change to same current value of combo box)

  • #6686: SQL Connect unable to do Consolidation when DCF file saved in SQL Drive folder

  • #6642: RHB Reflex cloud banking "remark2" field is filled in as payment advice

  • #6681: Missing asset group, agent and area lookup on asset item batch edit window

  • #6683: Entry form "Edit as New" button click should prompt access denied if users don't have "New" access right

  • #6584: SL/PH CN right click add "Show KnockOff" option to open AR/AP CN entry form

  • #5738: Stock Physical Worksheet drill down open different forms based on Qty, SO Qty, PO Qty and JO Qty column's click

  • #6671: Add Journal No. on Asset Disposal entry window

  • #6674: Sales Price History report prompt Assertion failure error when tick Latest n records option

  • #6670: Sales Picking list report add DtlKey field

  • #6666: SL/PH Document Entries shouldn't allow to save if Discount contains comma

  • #6667: Stock Transfer unable to save if don't have the right for Allow Non-existent/Duplicate Serial Number

SQL Account 5.2023.965.836


Released on August 24, 2023

Release Notes

  • Allow posting Shopee canceled order

  • Fix Shopee incorrectly posted refund variance adjustment to sales credit note

  • Database upgrade to version 193

  • #6653: Add Description2, DocNoEx and Qty fields to Asset Item data entry window

  • #6632: Asset item allow to input useful life up to 4 decimals

  • Fixed Profit & Loss with Cash Flow (Amt Exclude Tax) report Unable to show Total Cost if do not have cost Adjustment.

  • #6659: Auto Bank Recon - Bank Islam current account cash line-i statement format

  • Fixed Sales Local - Cash Sales Collection Report not including Contra amount

  • Fix TikTok does not create sales credit note for returned item in partial returned order with status completed

  • Fix Lazada posting sales credit note without reversal item price for refund order

  • Fix Lazada does not include lost claims and adjustments item charge when editing sales invoices

  • Fix Woocommerce to use item ID instead of SKU to store alternative code

  • Avoid checking for Lazada payment file using empty cheque number

  • Delete Lazada sales invoice details while retaining stock record

  • Fix Lazada merged item incorrectly

  • Adjustment to Shopee return refund variance calculation

  • Adjustment to TikTok token refresh logic

  • Fix Lazada not adding returned stock items in sales credit note

  • Fix EasyStore does not include gift voucher in sales invoice

  • #6641: Calculate Costing post duplicate stock transfer or missing documents issue in multi user network environment

  • #6393: Asset item can be imported without verifying valid asset group

  • #6640: Customer Balance Report incorrect Local C/F when Payment's GainLoss Posting Date > DateTo

  • #6656: Sales Price History report prompt out of memory error

  • #6651: Maintain Withholding Tax allow Tax Account (DR) leave blank to follow document accounts

  • #6643: GL Ledger incorrect BF balance if group by Project alone. Account code should be compulsory to tick for grouping

  • #6645: Calculate Costing prompt "Out of Memory" error even item using Fixed Cost method

  • #6610: Two Good Received created at the same with same Serial Number for same item code shouldn't allow to save if access right "Allow Non-existent/Duplicate Serial Number" is unticked

  • #6639: Prompt error "cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" when double click on item flow document in tabbed docking mode

SQL Account 5.2023.963.835


Released on August 4, 2023

Release Notes

  • #6635: All SL/PH Browse grid add Billing Attention, Phone, Mobile & Fax columns

  • Update on HomeScreen debit credit icon

  • Ignore adjustment to quantity and discount when editing Lazada sales invoice

  • Ignore item ID when constructing Lazada post order details

  • Fix Lazada get transaction details with incorrect limit number

  • Fix TikTok posted refund seller discount incorrectly

  • #6634: All document entries upon save prompt message if Doc Date less then 01 Jan 2000

  • #6289: Stock Transfer View Price Tag should display Unit Price based on selected customer

  • #6626: GL Cash Book split form mode click New PV but show as OR entry. Same issue happen on AR/AP DN & CN

  • #6621: Stock Card Qty report tick Include Zero Balance Transaction show incorrect result

  • Fix Stock Card Qty report data form caption

  • #6628: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Payment & Refund Forms Bank Balance label change to grey color without bold

  • #6629: AR/AP Deposit Entry add Deposit Account column in browse grid

  • #6535: Auto Bank Recon - HSBC Bank Statement new format

  • #6577: Auto Bank Recon - RHB Bank New Cambodia Statement Format

  • #6591: GL Ledger Report group by Account & Project transactions not show if untick "Include zero B/F with Transaction" option

  • #6627: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Invoice, DN & CN forms 2nd side button position wrongly when using split browse & detail form mode

  • #6613: Sales Invoice save prompt conversion date error if Region format is Thai and Start GST with United Arab Emirates Country

  • #6620: Purchase Order transfer from Sales Order Document tab's Amount, Local Amount, Currency Code & Project are blank

  • #6624: Cash Sales & Cash Purchase unable to select Payment Method if user manually enter Doc No

  • #6616: Location lookup add Description 2 field

  • #6617: Customer Payment unable to save if using Rich Text Editor

SQL Account 5.2023.962.834


Released on July 20, 2023

Release Notes

  • Database upgrade to version 192

  • Feature #6603: Document attachment support cloud SQL Drive

  • #6596: Calculate Costing post duplicate stock issue and missing documents issue in multi user network environment

  • Feature #6497: Serial Number field upgrade from 30 to 50 characters

  • Show Shopee Refresh Token expiry date instead of shop authorization expiry date

  • Include seller discounts in sales credit note for TikTok refund order

  • Lazada allow posting item quantity in sales invoice even item has been returned

  • Fix Lazada does not include Reversal Promotional Charges Flexi-Combo in sales credit note

  • Fix Lazada added additional Lazcoin discount

  • Exclude empty company item code in stock take items list

  • Prevent order fetching with date to earlier than date from

  • #6598: Auto running number for Asset Item doesn't follow Acquire Date

  • Enable support up to 4 levels for GL BS - 6C1P - FA format

  • #6611: Maintain GL Account rename account "Sales" and "Sales Adjustment" to "Revenue" and "Revenue Adjustment"

  • #6614: Supplier Deposit Grid Caption not corect

  • #6605: Entry Forms browse mode unable to view images in Rich Text Editor fields

  • #6609: GL Cash Book, AR/AP DN & CN Forms new document access right not working

  • #6601: SL/PH Invoice, DN & Cash Purchase entry forms show Outstanding Amount

  • #6599: Fix Member Point raise error : BO Class (Sales.Point.BO.UI) Not found

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