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SQL Account - Releases

SQL Account 5.2021.908.802


Released on May 29, 2021

Release Notes

  • #5847: Customer Balance Report's Current Balance should show PM outstanding instead of 0 when Future Refund knockoff PM (within date range)

  • Fixed GL Payment Voucher - RTM format Currency Rate 1 should hide

  • Fixed GL Bank Reconciliation Report - Clear Transaction not include Opening Balance Information

  • Fix Woocommerce did not fetch product's variations

  • Fix Shopee order couldn't be posted when shipping fee charged more than item price

  • Feature: Lazada setting add "Claims" item group

  • Adjust: Lazada payment to use statement description as SQL description

  • Feature: Lazada payment will create customer refund to knock off

  • Feature: Lazada payment will amend invoice detail

  • Feature: Shopee order able to replace sales invoice

  • Feature: Shopee payment able to post past invoice

  • Fix Shopee order did not include seller coin cash back as voucher

  • Fix Shopee order post to Sales Quotation incorrect detail

  • Fix Shopee order incorrect discount amount

  • Fix Shopee, Lazada order refund should post only returned item

  • Fix Shopee order couldn't be posted when escrow amount is less than 0

  • Fix Lazada order will prompt error when no orders within the selected period

  • Fix eCommerce address filled up wrongly in invoice

  • Fix AutoBankRecon matched to wrong record

  • #5846: GL Bank Deposit Search Form missing Mark & Clear All, Mark & Clear Selected in grid context menu

  • #5833: Sales Profit Estimator's Total Sales Rounding issue

SQL Account 5.2021.907.801


Released on April 28, 2021

Release Notes

  • Upgrade Database Version 183

  • Add Shopee 2 format

  • #5823: SST-02 Report Field 11a, 11b, 11c and B1 should include CN with SU, SU5 & SUV tax code

  • Feature #3595: GL Balance Sheet Report when drill down Customer/Supplier account should apply Sales/Purchase Ledger report accordingly

  • #5764: Job Order Listing Report master record show only when there is detail record

  • Feature #5814: Stock Transfer Listing detail grid add more columns from detail dataset

  • Feature #4701: Production Outstanding Sales Order add ItemType option to suit SO->PO case

  • Feature #5736: Stock Item - BOM add Number, Description2, Description3, Remark1 & Remark2 fields

  • Feature: Lazada payment able to post past invoice

  • Fix Woocommerce product fetch time out

  • Feature - Lazada auto refresh token when expires

  • Fix Shopee order status "To Ship" will always post to QT

  • Fix eCommerce post IV, CN, QT should overwrite the original address

  • Fix Lazada will return error message from the response

  • Feature: Lazada payment with same PaymentRefID with auto open bank deposit

  • Fix Lazada order unable to manual map item code for certain orders

  • Fix Lazada unable to post payment when all orders are posted to invoice

  • Fix eCommerce grid flickering issue when posting IV

  • Fix Shopee shipping fee not tally

  • Add GL.Auto.BankRecon.CITIMY

  • Fix auto bank recon error at RHB Bank Statement

  • #5812: auto bank recon error at Alliance Bank statement

  • Fix dashboard floating point error

  • #5831: Process SST return prompt error "Account code cannot be empty" if an invoice contains detail with tax code SV (payment basis) and SVA

  • #5809: Stock Matrix not working on document entries

  • #5802: GL Official Receipt didn't prompt bank reconciled warning message even already reconciled

  • #5811: Maintain Stock Item's BOM SubTotal column should hide when access right "Show Cost in Stock Item Maintenance" unticked

  • #5808: Available Stock Balance and Stock Reports' item JO Qtyshould show 0 if Stock Assembly's detail Qty greater than Job Order's detail Qty

  • #5813: Customer Contra Entry prompt "Unable to commit inactive" error upon save

  • Feature #5791: All entry forms support Edit -> Edit As New

SQL Account 5.2021.906.800


Released on April 6, 2021

Release Notes

  • Upgrade Database to Version 182

  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Sales Local - Cash Sales Collection Report when full expand

  • Feature #5779: Purchase Price History add Master & Detail Landing Cost 1 & Landing Cost 2

  • #5782: Sales Price History data sorting inconsistent, should sort by DtlKey

  • Feature #5780: Stock Card by Qty Report enable Print Stock Control Item & Non Stock Control Item Options

  • Fixed Sales Invoice 3 (Sales Disc) not include itemcode DISC

  • Adjust AddToCart add column item sku

  • Fix bug: Add supplier bank account without specify bank raise error "Could not convert variant of type Null into type OleStr

  • #5799: Maintain GL Account should remove Parent account from Payment Method if other bank drag under it

  • Fix eCommerce unable to show all products when more than 1 shops are link with SQL

  • Adjust Lazada: Payment disable "Post" button if any order not posted to invoice

  • Adjust Lazada: map sql item code with Shop SKU

  • Fix bug: Woocommerce unable to fetch data

  • Feature: eCommerce order able to post by project

  • Feature: eCommerce order able to manual set item code and uom

  • Fix eCommerce will not post item when price = 0

  • Adjust Shopee shipping fee when posting to invoice

  • Fix AutoBankRecon UOVBMY adjust data positioning

  • Feature AutoBankRecon able to switch between classic and statement view

  • Add AutoBankRecon PIBEMY keyword for matching PDF file

  • Feature #5793: GL Bank Reconciliation Deposit records show any OR record's Description and Cheque Number

  • #5768: Browse grid not focus on first row if one of the column sort by descending in last saved grid layout

  • #5778: F8 Barcode form cost related UI controls should be hidden if user no right to view cost

  • #5391: Unable to update GL Maintain Opening Balance if project code with /

  • Fix Close company profile window prompt message "You must re-logon for these changes to take effect"

  • Fix Lazada payment split voucher from other fee

  • Fix RHB Statement couldn't load when balance is negative

  • Fix Lazada product limit per fetch change from 100 to 50

  • Fix Shopee not posting CN when returned order's escrow amount > 0

  • Fix Lazada Seller Voucher should post as negative

  • #5771: Unable to open attachment file name with special character #

SQL Account 5.2021.903.799


Released on March 5, 2021

Release Notes

  • #Fixed Sales Cash Sales 6 - Receipt-TM-U220 (SST) DocNo alignment problem

  • #5757: Bank Recon word will overlay with others when too long

  • Adjust eCommerce to post customer phone to DPhone1, customer id to DocRef4

  • Fixed Bug eCommerce: Credit note did not knock off when posting payment

  • AR/AP PM, CN, Refund & Contra add Knockoff DocNo info for error "Knock off amount must not exceed outstanding amount"

  • Fix bug: Auto bank recon PDF last record not showing

SQL Account 5.2021.901.798


Released on February 25, 2021

Release Notes

  • Upgrade Database Version 181

  • #5742: Customer Refund listing preview prompt error "Document_CompanyBankAcc: Could not open DataSet"

  • Feature #5754: AR/AP Contra auto open couple contra form upon save if couple company code is empty

  • Add GL.Auto.BankRecon.UOVBMY

  • Added column Recon At at auto bank recon

  • #5036: GL Journal Entry form mode not working if FromDocType are CN & DN

  • #5745: Different date format for PBB statement (CSV)

  • #5743: Invalid numeric input error when load MAYBANK statement

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