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Taking order has never been this easy before.

The rise of mobile technology inspired the creation of MORIS to solve the unsolvable problems that are persisted for so many years.


Order Taking Simplified.

Collecting orders is the most important task throughout the sales process and salesman is the one who handles it. However, the traditional ways of taking an order is inefficient and slow.

MORIS boost the efficiency of salesman by simplifying the process thus they have more time to make more sales than serving the same customer for an hour or more.


A personal assistant.

It is time to bid farewell with the traditional ways of taking order and join the revolution.

The use of MORIS helps salesman to reduce or sometimes eliminate human errors such as incorrect pricing or wrong item.

Sales, Stock & Purchasing

MORIS is capable to handle the process of sale, from Sales Order to Tax Invoice then Payment Collection. It also handles stock transaction and purchase.


Auto Synchronize


Document created is sync to MORIS Server automatically every 2 minutes (default time interval) when internet connection is available, regardless of mobile data or WiFi.

Real-Time Information


MORIS provides real-time information for salesman on the move such as customer aging, stock balance, price history, sales order fulfillment and invoice summary. These information are crucial for salesman to close a sale or to collect payment. MORIS eliminates the need to inquire latest information from office once and for all!


Integrated with SQL Accounting


MORIS back-end engine is integrated seamlessly with the popular SQL Accounting. The integration allows data to import into and extract from SQL Accounting automatically thus eliminates the double work.

MORIS Management Dashboard


MORIS Management Dashboard is a central hub where all the documents are consolidated then import into SQL Accounting system automatically. The dashboard also serves as an admin control panel to generate reports, manage user access right and phone settings.


Traditional Ways vs. MORIS

All of our customers are able to foresee the benefits of MORIS brings and are fascinated by the actual results it produces after using MORIS for a short period of time.


MORIS is a mobile sales solutions aim to solve the problems faced by businesses with outdoor salesman.


The rise of mobile technology inspire us to develop MORIS to solve the unsolvable problem existed for many years.

Features Highlight

  • Rich Modules

  • Auto Synchronize

  • Real-time Information

  • Seamlessly Integrated with SQL Accounting

  • Low Monthly Subscription

  • Use Anytime, Anywhere

14 Days Free Trial

Contact Us to Try MORIS for 14 days before you subscribe.


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